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What is Poker4ACause?

Team P4AC is a group of individuals who pull together and use there own personal skills or talents to help raise funds and awareness for many worthy causes such as cancer, homelessness, adult and child hunger, help finding a job and much more.

We use a blend of Comedy, Music, and Texas Holdem Poker or any combination there of to provide great entertainment for worthy causes.

A standard event using all three would start with a poker tournament from around 10 to 12AM.  The tournament will finish around 5 to 7PM at which point the first stand up comedian would come out and start the second half of the days event with stand up comedy that leads into the live music from professional bands and DJ’s within the music industry.

Online Poker Tournaments for Charity.

If you are a poker player and would like a place to play poker legally with your friends then may we suggest that you download one of our poker rooms free software and join us online.  Then you could participate in our poker tournaments online that will benefit so many.  Plus if you place in one of our tournaments you will win real money that is deposited into your own player account.

If your family, church group or charitable organization would like help raising funds for your cause please contact us by phone 214-668-8836 or email terry@poker4acause.org to start planning the live or online event.

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