Help Us Grow Team P4AC, New Players and Members Wanted

active players

Hello we need people who really want to learn or play texas holdem poker. As you can see out of the 46 people who have signed up to play with Team P4AC at only three to four people actually play during a given month. We would like to get these numbers up to a minimum of 100 active players. As soon as we have 100 active players we can start putting in private cash games and tournaments for our members and players.
FOR EXAMPLE – Once we have 100 active players we could put tournaments in to the game list that only our players and members could play in. These tournaments would be under the private tab in the game lobby. So say you and 20 of your friends have signed up and became members. You and your friends want to play just a $2.20 buy in game at 7:00 PM on weeknights. You simply send us a request for the tournament and we can put that game in the list for you. Then only you and your friends can register or you can have it open to all 100 members. Those would be the only players able to register for the tournament. That way you know you want be getting any players you don’t know in the tournament or we can set your tournament with a password and only those with the password can register. We can also set it as an open tournament where anybody can register and play at ACR not just members. Remember it’s free to sign up and free to join. Once you do there are plenty of freerolls and freebuys to play so you can start playing and winning real money for free. New players be sure to ask about training and if your new do not even think about making a deposit until you have had a couple of free new player class sessions. Send email to to schedule session. Players must have skype to get the full benefit. We have just over 300 likes here at facebook but only 4 people have actually signed up to play. Those numbers could be a lot better so please if you like this page then come and help support our efforts to bring help to those that need and deserve it. Please and click on the ACR banner to join Team P4AC at ACR. Thank you.

PS. None of the 4 players listed have made deposits they play only freerolls. It isn’t much but if you look at the income field of the report in the picture it shows what each player made for charity that month.

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