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Americas Cardroom Lets Players Choose Their Own Poker Adventure With WSOP PCPC Satellites.

May 09, 2016 – The desert? Or the beach? Starting Sunday, May 15th, poker players get to make the call. Americas Cardroom today announced WSOP/PCPC Satellites. Every weekend between May 15th and June 24th, Americas Cardroom is holding two Sunday satellites with three total packages guaranteed.


The winner of each tournament can choose one WSOP Main Event package or two all-inclusive packages for this year’s Punta Cana Poker Classic.

“Whether you like to grind the tables in the desert or prefer an unforgettable poker vacation in paradise, we’ve got you covered with WSOP PCPC satellites,” said Americas Cardroom spokesperson Michael Harris. “While those who end up cashing in the WSOP will enjoy their trip, we know from experience that everyone who ends up going to the Punta Cana Poker Classic will have a great time. Ultimately, it’s up to the player.”

The WSOP/PCPC satellites take place every Sunday night. The 6pm ET tournament guarantees two $12,500 packages while the 8pm ET tournament guarantees one package. Both tournaments cost $50+5 to get into.

This year’s Punta Cana Poker Classic takes place this October at the luxurious Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Players will have exclusive access to a private section of the hotel known as The Level, complete with private restaurants, pools and beach.

Players who opt for the Punta Cana package after winning a satellite will receive two prize packages totaling $12,500. Each one includes the Main Event buy-in to the $500,000 GTD Main Event, a $300 satellite seat for the High Roller tournament, double occupancy, and all-inclusive access for two. With two packages included for the PCPC, winners will essentially get a trip for four to paradise, with Main Event buy-ins for two. Also included in the package is $2,700 cash.

Those who opt for the World Series of Poker Main Event this summer in Vegas will win a $12,500 package that includes the $10,000 Main Event buy-in to the world’s richest poker tournament and $2,500 for travel and accommodations.

Americas Cardroom Issues Official Statement On Rumored $5 Million GTD Promotion.

San Jose, Costa Rica – August 1, 2015 – The old saying goes that ‘all publicity is good publicity’, but some rumors floating around the internet have caused online poker room, Americas Cardroom, to make an official statement and set the record straight.

It all started on Friday afternoon when word started spreading in online poker forums about a ‘$5 Million Guaranteed’ promotion that was being offered by Americas Cardroom. It was said that this promotion, which included five separate $1,000,000 GTD Texas Hold’em tourneys in September and October, was a done deal.

Management from Americas Cardroom was contacted for comment and wishes it to be known that the news circulating around the online poker forums was leaked information without official authorization.

“We’re happy that online poker players are interested in our tournaments, but the recent chatter in the online poker forums is not official policy yet. It is interesting however, how difficult it is to keep this kind of big news under wraps,” said Americas Cardroom spokesperson Michael Harris. “All that being said, the $5 Million Guranteed promo is something that we will announce on Monday if our upcoming Million Dollar Sunday is a success.”

The Million Dollar Sunday is the signature tournament offered by Americas Cardroom. They’ve had two successful ones already this year, with the next coming this Sunday, August 2nd at 3pm ET. There is a $1,000,000 GTD prize pool, with $200,000 earmarked for the first place winner.

Added Harris, “We’re really excited about this next Million Dollar Sunday, with all our internal forecasts predicting a great turnout. Visit our site on Sunday as there could be that $5 Million GTD promo announcement after all.

P4AC Event Locations


Coming soon! P4AC & WPT satellites, freerolls and more to these locations.


We can custom build a party or an event for your group!
We offer birthday parties for children and adults.
We also offer great special group rates for your company, youth group, religious group, or any group wanting to have a fun time.


In a bowling alley one night, Bill Fong came so close to perfection that it nearly killed him

Plano Super Bowl
2521 K Avenue  Plano, TX 75074
(972) 881-0242

Coming soon P4AC & WPT satellites, freerolls and more to these locations.

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Today is the Day! P4AC $500 Freeroll!

Exclusive $500 Freeroll for new P4AC players today at 2pm Central or 14:00 server time.

Please remember our Exclusive $500 Freeroll for new P4AC players today at 2pm.  It can be found in the game list under Tournaments > Private > Texas Holdem > All Tabs.

After the freeroll come get in our regular scheduled micro tournaments for new players starting at 18:00 or 6pm Central, The P4AC $1 Challenge at 7pm or 19:00 server time and The P4AC $5.50 Bounty game at 7:30pm or 19:30 server time.

All games can be found in the game list  under Tournaments > Private > Texas Holdem > All Tabs at all P4AC Poker Rooms – Aced, Carbon and PDC Poker.

All players that play in our regular scheduled games qualify for our monthly forum freerolls.

If you have not signed up yet and would like to join in on the fun,  play poker and help disabled veterans at the same time please visit Poker4ACause.org and click on one of our affiliate banners to download the free software and create your free player account.

Thank you

Good luck at the tables.


P4AC Rockin Comedy, Music and Poker Tour Promo

A video describing how comedian, drummer and poker player Holdem1eyejack and Poker4ACause.org together are starting a comedy music and poker tour to raise money for disabled veterans and different communities.
Poker4ACause.org has agreed to donate 100% off all revenue they receive from there affiliate poker sites Aced, Carbon and PDC Poker to Veteran’s House in Princeton Tx and to the P4AC mission to not stop there.  They are going to help us start a comedy, music and poker tour for charity so we can go and establish other Veteran’s Houses in other cities and towns.
The only way we can do this is if you like to play poker, want to learn or have played for years then you need to at least come try out our site and software.  All we need are players who want to learn or love to play Texas Holdem.  If you are a new player do not make a deposit when you first sign up.  There is no hurry.  First, play in the Freeroll and fun step tournaments.  There are several to chose from.  Take your time and get to know the software.  If you have questions ask.  P4AC is here to help you.  After you have got to know the forum and how the software works if you want to make a deposit then go ahead.  We have easy deposits and withdrawals.  Minimum deposit $10, minimum withdrawal is $100.  Remember if you cash in one of our Freerolls or fun steps you can play in our micro tournaments and/or cash tables to build your bank up slowly without ever depositing.  This is how the charity makes money.  We make money off of rake and buy in fees on real money games.  You don’t have to make a deposit to help you just have to win or place in the money in one of our freerolls.  Then as you take your winnings and play in our real money games to build your bank you help the charity through the rake and fees you generate. It’s that simple.  This forum was created by poker players for poker players so you guys know what I am talking about.  So for you veterans and the new guys also when you are ready to make your first initial deposit.  Please remember our 100% match up to $600 on your first deposit bonus.  Just enter code: CODYPOKERBONUS at the deposit screen in the bonus code box.

So come play some poker, have a great time, build your bank for free and help those that deserve help the most.

To start your poker career follow this link to Poker4ACause.org.  Click on one of our affiliate banners to download the free software, create your account and join in on the fun today.  http://poker4acause.org/

Tell your friends, share this video, subscribe to our channel, find us at Face Book and like our page there,  put the link to this video  in an email and send to your friends.
Let as many as you can know about P4AC, their mission, Veteran’s House and P4AC’s Rockin Comedy, Music and Poker Tour for Charity.
Thank you.


125 Seats to $125k Freeroll

125 Seats to $125,000 Freeroll
We are proud to announce we will be running a weekly “125 Seats to the $125k” Freeroll.  Qualifying for the freeroll is simple.  You need to earn 250 VIP points between 00:01 on Sunday, and the freeroll start time of 15:00 on Saturday. The Freeroll will be listed in the lobby as “125 Seats to $125k Freeroll”.

To help you keep track of your progress please check the counter in your player admin which will show your progress in achieving the 250 points. Once you reach 250 points you can simply click the register button of the tournament to gain access.

125 Seats to $125k Freeroll
Start time: 15:00 poker time every Saturday
Top 125 places will receive a $109 coupon which can be used to enter the $125k Guaranteed.

Sunday $125,000 Guaranteed Freezeout
Start time: 15:00 poker time every Sunday
Entry: $109, $109 coupon or 10,900 VIP points



Bank Roll Management

Managing Your Poker Bank Roll
In poker, your bankroll refers to the amount of money you have in your player account. Bankroll management is managing this to effectively play within your financial means. One of the most common mistakes in poker is new players playing outside what their bankroll can support. By following a few simple bankroll strategies, a player can drastically increase their winnings.

How much to Start with
One of the most common questions new online poker players have is; ‘what size bankroll do I want to start with?’ The answer to this question depends on a whole multitude of variables such as player style, the type of game they wish to play, and what financial risk they are willing to undertake.

While the answer to that question depends on a bunch of different factors, there are still some good general rules of thumb to go by.

Understand and Learn the Game
Poker is a relatively simple game, and is easy to learn. However to giving away your player bankroll, LEARN THE BASICS BEFORE YOU PLAY WITH REAL MONEY.

There are thousands of players out there waiting in poker rooms to just take your money. They are good, and many make a living off playing poker against unskilled new players. To avoid becoming one of these ‘fish’, that feed the ‘sharks’, either start out practicing and honing your skills on small stakes tables, or with play money.

The Internet is full of sites spewing tips, tricks and strategies to improve your poker game play. Take advantage of this fact, read several articles on a topic, not just one.

Choosing a Game
There are many variations of poker. Texas Holdem, Draw, Stud, Razz, Omaha poker, are all popular formats. These games have many common elements, though also differ considerably. If you are new to poker, a good starting game is either Texas Holdem or Omaha poker.

Tournaments or Ring Games
There are two common types of games played. These are poker tournament and ring games. Ring games are cash games with fixed level blinds, where you can take a seat and play for however long you choose. Tournaments on the other hand are larger events with a set buy in, and play down till there is a winner remaining. The top places share in a larger cash prize.

There are also many free roll tournaments. These are poker tournaments with a free entry, to eligible players. These are a great way to practice playing in tournaments and a great way to increase your bankroll with no financial risk.

Limit, Pot Limit, or No Limit
The limit of a game refers to the size of the bets allowed. A limit format game will have bets the size of the big blind only. Pot limit games will have a betting limit the size of the pot, and no limit games…well they have no limit to the size of the bets allowed.

The limit is a big factor in choosing a game type your bankroll can support.

For limit games your bankroll should approximately be 300 times the size of the big blind. Ie for a bankroll of $600, you should be playing no higher than $1/$2 limit games.

For No Limit games, your minimum bankroll should be 20 times the recommended buy in for the game. Ie. With a bankroll of $400, you should be playing no stakes higher than a $20 recommended buy in which will most likely be $.10/.20 cent blinds.

These are generalised rules and different experts will give different ballpark figures regarding bankroll management. Another commonly accepted principle is that you buy into a game with 50 times the big bet, and have a bankroll of 250 times the big bet. Others will claim 100 times the big bet is sufficient enough of a bankroll. It ultimately comes down to personal choice, and how much risk you are willing to take.

Although poker is a game of skill over the long run, luck plays more than its part in the short term. Losing streaks happen to all players, and one of the fundamental ideas behind good bankroll management is that you will be able weather you’re losing streaks.

In doing this, there may come a time where you have hit a rough patch and your bankroll can no longer support the stakes you were playing. Don’t be afraid to drop down stakes. Doing this will enable you bankroll to support your game play better, and will help you to push back up to the higher stakes rather than lose a lot of cash.

Hope this helps and as always good luck on the tables.

If you need help or assistance or would like to become a member of our team and receive free poker training and help support disabled veterans while you learn and play poker please send email to terry@poker4acause.org

Thank you

Terry Cody

Founder Poker4acause.org


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The main objective of Poker4ACause is to make a positive difference in the lives of others who are in need by raising monetary funds, collecting food and basic essentials and providing them to individuals, families, disabled veterans, the homeless and more.  This is accomplished through hosting successful live fundraising promotions including comedy, music and charity poker events beginning here at home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with the goal of going nationwide.  Join our online poker room by clicking on one of the banners to the right and left of this page to become a part of our online family of poker players who help homeless/disabled veterans, families, children and so much more.

Please if you are not a poker player but still would like to help.  Please look through our site and find a post , blog, video, something that touches you and simply share it with your social media or put it in an email and send to some friends and ask them to pass it on.  Together, with a little help from you we will be able to help so many.

If you would like to make a contribution to P4AC’s Veteran’s House please click below.