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Team P4AC Out of $5,000 GTD Freeroll/Freebuy

Good morning all.  The first $5,000 freeroll/freebuy is still going on. Unfortunately the three team members of P4AC, Unforseen Nemesis, saltynuts and P4AC Poker are out. Out of 1,398 entrants, 8 are remaining. Hopefully more of Team P4AC will show up for the next $5,000 GTD at 2:30 PM EST or server time.
If you would like to watch our team play in support of P4AC’s Veterans House or if you would like to join our team at America’s Cardroom and become a supporter of Veterans House you will need the Americas Cardroom software. If you already have it great. Although you will be able to watch team members as they play in the various tournaments and on cash tables provided by America’s Cardroom in support of Veterans House. You will not be able to play in any of the private events or freerolls for team members of Poker4acause.org at ACR. Only team members who sign up for Americas Cardroom through Poker4acause.org will be able to wreap all the benefits that not only ACR offers but also the freerolls, leagues, private cash tables and more including packages to WPT and P4AC live events, not to mention that if you did sign up through Poker4acause.org no matter what tournament or cash game you play in wether it be a game provided by ACR or P4AC the rakes and fees from those games will benefit charity due to the fact that poker4acause.org donates the money earned through the rakes and fees generated by our members to our project called P4AC’s Veterans House.
If you already have or play at ACR but did not sign up through poker4acause.org and would like to become a member it’s easy.
When you log in to the ACR poker lobby just click on the help tab at the top right of the lobby. A drop down box will emerge with contact us as one of the choices. Click that follow the prompts on sending an email and then send ACR an email requesting that your account be tied to the ACR affiliate – P4AC. If you need any help migrating your account at ACR over to our team at ACR so that you to can support charity just by playing or learning to play the greatest card game on the planet Texas Holdem please email terry@poker4acause.org.
If you do not already play online poker or live poker with poker4acause.org and you would like to join either to play poker or learn to play poker and support our poker team as we play and teach in support of Team P4AC’s Veterans House it’s simple quick and easy. Just click on the ACR banner below. After you click the banner you will be taken to where you can get the free download from ACR and create your new player account with Americas Cardroom and Team P4AC/poker4acause.org. It only takes about 2 – 5 minutes and after that you just log in and start playing. If you are a new player, you do not have to make a deposit to start playing. Just click on the freeroll tab in your new ACR software poker lobby to bring up all available freerolls. In fact if you are a new player Team P4AC recomends that you not make a deposit but that you send an email to terry@poker4acause.org and ask for private lessons. You will get a coach that will help you until you are ready to try on your own. This service is free to members of poker4acause.
Remember our members keep or get 100% of the prize pools they win. The only money that goes to charity comes from just the rakes and fees of real money game play. So what are you waiting for. If you love to play poker our team needs you. Please click the banner below to start having fun playing poker for free, learning for free with free instruction and start building your bank up today!

Texas Holdem Tournament August 17th

Everyone’s invited to this TX Holdem Charity Event this coming Saturday, August 17.
Complete with live entertainment after the tournament with comedians and Inversion! You don’t want to miss this show!!

Benefit show for TX Elks Camp and Disabled Veterans staring Inversion Band!!
Anyone can come see the show here:

Donations are welcome. Just click on the paypal link here!

Buy in is $150 ($100 to pot and $50 to charity) for 10,000 chips.
1 Re-Buy for $100 (to pot) for 10,000 chips.
1 Add-on for $50 (50/50 to pot and charity).
Registration begins at 11AM and cards in the air by 12:30.

Poker4ACause (P4AC) will have their donation trailer on site to collect donations of non-perishable food, water, toiletries, clothing and blankets.

Thank you for your support!
Please visit http://poker4acause.org/and P4AC’s Veterans House here on Facebook…https://www.facebook.com/p4acveteranshouse

Tournament and Show Location:
Rowlett Bowlarama
5021 Lakeview Pkwy
Rowlett, TX 75088
(972) 475-7080

Texas Holdem Charity Poker Tournament May 25th

On Saturday, May 25th at 12 noon P4AC Poker will be hosting a charity Texas Holdem tournament benefiting Grace Brewer to help with medical costs. She has Rett Syndrome.
For those of you like me who had never heard of this disease that affects primarily females,  there will be info about Rett Syndrome at the end of this blog.
This event will also benefit Veterans House. A place for homeless/disabled veterans to get help with PTSD issues, housing, care and more.
 Calling all poker players and friends.  I know Terrell is a bit of a drive from the Dallas area but please pass this info around to all friends and poker players so that we can have a good turn out and bring a lot of support to this little 7 year old girl.  Your help in getting the word out about this event is greatly appreciated.  Please share links through emails or your social media such as Facebook.
This event will be held at The Swinging Door located at 304 South FM 148 in Terrell, TX.
Live registration starts at 11:00 AM and cards in the air at 12:00 PM.
This will be a freeroll event for those who have helped our cause by purchasing a hat or shirt.
On the day of the event you to can gain entry by buying a hat or shirt from P4AC Poker and helping to support their charity Veterans House. 
Starting chips will be 3,000 and you can get an extra 2,000 in starting chips with a donation of $5 to Grace Brewer for a total of 5,000 in starting chips.
For more info or to RSVP your seat, call
Terry at 214-668-8836

Thank you




Rett syndrome, originally termed as cerebroatrophic hyperammonemia,[1] is a neurodevelopmental disorder of the grey matter of the brain[2] that almost exclusively affects females but has also been found in male patients. The clinical features include small hands and feet and a deceleration of the rate of head growth (including microcephaly in some). Repetitive stereotyped hand movements, such as wringing and/or repeatedly putting hands into the mouth, are also noted.[3] People with Rett syndrome are prone to gastrointestinal disorders and up to 80% have seizures.[4] They typically have no verbal skills, and about 50% of individuals affected are not ambulatoryScoliosis, growth failure, and constipation are very common and can be problematic.

The signs of this disorder are most easily confused with those of Angelman syndromecerebral palsy and autism.

In DSM-IV-TR Rett’s disorder is listed under the broad category of pervasive developmental disorders, together with the autism spectrum disorders and childhood disintegrative disorder. Some argue that it is misclassified in this group, as it is similar to non-autistic spectrum disorders such as fragile X syndrometuberous sclerosis, or Down syndrome where one can see autistic features.[5] Its removal from DSM-5 has been proposed because it has a specific etiology.[6]

It was first described by Austrian pediatrician Andreas Rett in 1966.[7] Huda Zoghbi demonstrated that Rett syndrome is caused by mutations in the gene MECP2 in 1999.[citation needed]

For more info on Rett Syndrome please follow this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rett_syndrome



26 February 2013
By Aaron Todd

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into a law Tuesday a bill that makes the Garden State the third state in the U.S. to license and regulate the online gambling. Christie’s stamp of approval comes just 19 days after he conditionally vetoed similar legislation.

“This was a critical decision, and one that I did not make lightly,” Christie said in a statement. “But with the proper regulatory framework and safeguards that I insisted on including in the bill, I am confident that we are offering a responsible yet exciting option that will make Atlantic City more competitive while also bringing financial benefits to New Jersey as a whole.”

Like Delaware, New Jersey’s online casino operators will be able to offer any games that are available at brick-and-mortar casinos. Nevada expanded the scope of its online poker only regulations last week.

There was little doubt as to whether the revised legislation would pass. In his conditional veto, Christie requested changes to the tax rate (increasing it from 10 to 15 percent of gross gaming revenue), additional money for problem gambling groups and a 10-year sunset period.

Sen. Ray Lesniak, one of the bill’s most ardent supporters, indicated in earlier media reports that those changes would pass easily, and he was right. The bill passed 68-5 in the Assembly and 34-1 in the Senate. Less than an hour later, Christie signed the bill into law.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ushered in a new era in New Jersey gaming history when he signed legislation authorizing online gaming Tuesday.New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ushered in a new era in New Jersey gaming history when he signed legislation authorizing online gaming Tuesday. (photo by Tim Larsen, Governor’s Office)

“New Jersey has gone ‘all in.'” said John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance. “Residents now will have access to a safe and regulated online gaming market, and the state will have a new source for revenue and job creation — something the federal government has failed to do thus far.”


P4AC Lady Valentines Day $1 Buy in $50 Value Added Tournament

P4AC Lady Valentines Day $1 Buy in $50 Value Added Tournament

Join Team P4AC this Valentine’s Day for this great $50 added value event.

Details of the event are as follows:

Tournament Name :

P4AC Lady Valentines Day Value Added Tournament 

Tournament Description : P4AC SST $1 Buy in

Tournament Password > TBA Email us at


Tournament Start (EST) Time : 2013/02/14 20:00

Game Type : No Limit

Poker Game : Holdem

Tournament Type : Regular

Poker Room Host : All P4AC Rooms

Buy-In  Amount $1 (all tournaments have a 10% fee)

Seats : 10 Seated

Starting Stack : 2500

Levels/Blinds : 10 min

Payout Structure : Standard

Timebank : 30 sec

Rebuys : 2

Addons : 1

Prizepool Contribution : $50

Celebrity Texas Holdem Event for Charity

Come meet and play poker with six time WSOP winner and Poker Hall of Fame inductee.

TJ Cloutier


$60 GETS 10,000 CHIPS! 5PM START
832-314-7640 FOR INFO
$20 REBUY FOR 5,000 CHIPS!

Super Bounty Tournament this Saturday!

Bounty Tournament Details
Limited Seats available for this event,
RSVP is strongly recommended!
Call – tel:817-726-3721
$50 Entry
$40 = Bounty
$10 = Prize Pool 

2pm Start

Atomic Subs & Wings in Arlington
(Intersection of Fielder & Park Row)

Poker4acause.org At Support Our Troops Event at Gilley’s

Terry Cody (holdem1eyejack) and Cathy (xTexasKittenx) are there in support of our troops talking with the bands, models, fans and promoting our online poker room (Poker4acause.org) which helps our disabled veterans and communities by having charitable events such as concerts, comedy shows and Texas Holdem tournaments; both online and live. Please, if you like comedy, music or Texas Holdem, please follow this link to download one of our poker affiliates software. Available affiliates are Aced and Carbon Poker. To get the free software go to: http://poker4acause.org/ and click on one of the banner ads for the host you want to play at; either Aced or Carbon Poker. Once you have the software, you will be able to play in all our regular, special, charity and freeroll tournaments. Just save poker4acause.org to your favorites so you can come back and keep up with all our events and tournaments. Make sure to visit frequently to find out about special tournaments and to get passwords to special tournaments and games. All proceeds raised at Poker4acause goes to further our efforts to establish Veteran House- a place for disabled veterans to live, eat, obtain job training and more.





Be sure to subscribe to our channel, friend us, leave comments and tell us what you think about our comedy, music and poker tour to help disabled veterans and our communities.  If you would like to make a food or cash donation send us an email at poker4acause.org@gmail.com.
Most importantly share this video with everyone you can so we can get the word out about what poker4acause.org does.  If you would like to learn more about us visit www.poker4acause.org and read the about page and the Our Mission blog and share those as well.  With your help we could help so many.  Remember, at Poker4acause.org every hand counts.

P4AC Event Locations


Coming soon! P4AC & WPT satellites, freerolls and more to these locations.


We can custom build a party or an event for your group!
We offer birthday parties for children and adults.
We also offer great special group rates for your company, youth group, religious group, or any group wanting to have a fun time.


In a bowling alley one night, Bill Fong came so close to perfection that it nearly killed him

Plano Super Bowl
2521 K Avenue  Plano, TX 75074
(972) 881-0242

Coming soon P4AC & WPT satellites, freerolls and more to these locations.

Continue reading P4AC Event Locations

Today is the Day! P4AC $500 Freeroll!

Exclusive $500 Freeroll for new P4AC players today at 2pm Central or 14:00 server time.

Please remember our Exclusive $500 Freeroll for new P4AC players today at 2pm.  It can be found in the game list under Tournaments > Private > Texas Holdem > All Tabs.

After the freeroll come get in our regular scheduled micro tournaments for new players starting at 18:00 or 6pm Central, The P4AC $1 Challenge at 7pm or 19:00 server time and The P4AC $5.50 Bounty game at 7:30pm or 19:30 server time.

All games can be found in the game list  under Tournaments > Private > Texas Holdem > All Tabs at all P4AC Poker Rooms – Aced, Carbon and PDC Poker.

All players that play in our regular scheduled games qualify for our monthly forum freerolls.

If you have not signed up yet and would like to join in on the fun,  play poker and help disabled veterans at the same time please visit Poker4ACause.org and click on one of our affiliate banners to download the free software and create your free player account.

Thank you

Good luck at the tables.