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Play Poker Help Others

Good morning. Gonna be playing the freerolls today at Americas Cardroom. If you have an account there come by the tables and watch. You can also chat with me at P4AC Chat. Just click our chat tab. If you want to learn or play texas holdem poker click on the Americas Cardroom banner. This site is for new players and we have freerolls so it will not cost you anything. We will be playing in support of different charities such as cancer, MS, child hunger, homelessness and more. If you would like more info about Team P4AC Poker, the charities we help, about how you can help or get involved even if you are not a poker player send email to terry@poker4acause.org.
If you are a poker player or want to learn and have your rakes and fees from your real money game play go to your favorite charity then follow this link and download our free poker software. Be sure that after you have created your new player account that you send me an email with your new screen name so you can be added to our list of players who will be playing online in support of charity.

Thank you and welcome to the team.

P4AC $5.50 Bounty Tournament

On August 4th @ 19:30 server time, join us for The P4AC  $5.50 Bounty Tournament.

These are all bounty tournaments so if you knock someone out, you get their bounty.  The more players you take out, the more bounties you collect!  Can you say CHA CHING!!

These are really fun and for a great cause!

Game Name > P4AC $5.50 Bounty

When > Saturday, August 4th @ 19:30 server time.

Where all P4AC Rooms > Aced > Carbon > PDC

Look under tabs > Tournaments > Private > Texas Holdem > All

These will run daily until the end of the month starting on the 4th of August @ 7:30 Central Time.

P4AC All Bounty Monthly Series Tournaments.

Nightly Starting August 4th.