125 Seats to $125k Freeroll

125 Seats to $125,000 Freeroll
We are proud to announce we will be running a weekly “125 Seats to the $125k” Freeroll.  Qualifying for the freeroll is simple.  You need to earn 250 VIP points between 00:01 on Sunday, and the freeroll start time of 15:00 on Saturday. The Freeroll will be listed in the lobby as “125 Seats to $125k Freeroll”.

To help you keep track of your progress please check the counter in your player admin which will show your progress in achieving the 250 points. Once you reach 250 points you can simply click the register button of the tournament to gain access.

125 Seats to $125k Freeroll
Start time: 15:00 poker time every Saturday
Top 125 places will receive a $109 coupon which can be used to enter the $125k Guaranteed.

Sunday $125,000 Guaranteed Freezeout
Start time: 15:00 poker time every Sunday
Entry: $109, $109 coupon or 10,900 VIP points



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