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6 thoughts on “Contact Team P4AC”

  1. Have a carbon poker acct already. What do I have to do to help? How much can I donate of my winnings for such a great cause? I know you guys have private tourneys through carbon and I was wondering what do I have to do qualify for those and how do I set up my rake towards helping out?

    1. Hello Faststax76,
      If you already have a Carbon poker account and would like to be tied to our team so that your rakes and fees will benefit charity all you have to do is send a request to Carbon poker requesting your player account be tied to our affiliateship. The name is > codysllc. Just send Carbon a request to have your player account at Carbon to be tied to the codysllc affiliate. This usually takes anywhere from 2 or 3 days to a couple of weeks for Carbon to make the transfer. The other option is to just create a new player account through us here at P4AC and play on that player account to help the charity. As always I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions just post them in the comments or send me email to Take care and happy holidays.

  2. Hey Terry, I don’t know if have already but you should check out BetOnline Poker. They have sooooo many freerolls daily and they range from a lot of 10dollar ones to a few 25 few 50 and even a few 100 s daily. If you somehow can get hooked up through them as well that would help a lot I believe in raising more funds considering the extra amount of money daily available. Anyway, hope your guys event this weekend went great. Keep up the great work bud!

    1. Hello Sal, I know what you’re saying but please understand that all we need to do is get enough members so that I can put extra freerolls like that on ACR. The best thing about our freerolls we are gonna have as soon as we get 150 active players is that it will just be our members who will be able to play in them. So tell a friend to tell a friend. I would like to just get about 50 players who would like to play some nightly small ball tournaments ranging from .10 cents up to 1 dollar buy ins to start right now or as soon as possible. With games like that new players would have a chance to work on building there banks up from just freeroll winnings. Also wouldn’t mind if we could get about or at least 25 players who would like to play 1 or 2 nights a week in a 1 dollar to 5 dollar buy in league. If there is a game you would like to see in the list just submit it to me. We can put any tournament in the list as long as we have enough players to fill it or at least make it a good game. We can also put in private cash tables for our members. So as you can see Sal all we need is players who want to have fun playing and learning poker.They can play at what ever level they want even just the freerolls and because they are a member of Team P4AC at ACR their rakes and fees will go to help support those in need at Veterans House and within the community. Hope this helps Sal.

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