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P4AC Charity Auction For Veterans House

P4AC Charity Auction.

Hello,  P4AC is running auctions on eBay to raise money for Veterans House and various projects within the community.

You can help!  If you see something you like or that would make the perfect gift for a friend then bid on it.  If not, you can still help buy emailing the link for this ad to your friends.

Please help!  Pass to at least two good friends or family members that you know will pass to two people and so on.  With the help of a few good people, P4AC will be able to provide real help for our disabled and homeless veterans and people from all walks of life and their families.

Vets Helping Vets.                    Founder Terry Cody.                    All The Boys.





We need your help to provide food, clothes, basic essentials and more to people and charities in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas.

Poker4ACause.org needs desperately to raise $5,000 in the next month to allow us to continue helping and providing assistance with housing, utilities, water, food, transportation, clothes, and more.

 P4AC’s facility at Veterans House, where we’re storing donated items in Princeton, TX, is full again and we need gas money for the trucks and volunteers to help make care packages of food, clothes, basic essentials, kids clothes, kids books, toys and more.

Contact > poker4acause.org@gmail.com or call 214-668-8836.

Donate Just One Dollar 

Items will be divided between The North Dallas VA for homeless veterans and The Family Gateway Center for homeless families with children in Dallas, TX.

Please donate any amount you like.  If you can only donate a dollar then click on the donate button under the Veterans House logo at the top right of this blog and donate just one dollar.

If you’re unable to donate or participate in the auctions, then please do the last and single most important thing to help in our mission.

 Get involved!

Please, just simply share this info with friends and family via emails, Face Book, Twitter or any other social media. Put the link to this page in an email and send an email blast.  Just imagine, if everyone who received this link in an email just simply forwarded the email to all their contacts or friends and then all those people did the same and so on…  think of how many people would we would reach and get help and support from?  How many people would learn about P4AC and the help we provide?  How many more people would we be able to help?


If you live in the Dallas, TX area you could volunteer to help Team P4AC by donating your time.  We need volunteers to help with the making of different types of care packages for different shelters in and around the Dallas area, to help at events, help with deliveries and more.

The goal here is to get the info out to as many as possible.  It’s hard to get a few people to donate a hundred thousand dollars but it’s easy for one hundred thousand people to give one dollar. 

 In the long run we need to raise $100,000.  We need to raise a minimum of $50,000 so our colleague at Goal Consulting,  Jonathan D. Schick, can work on obtaining our 501 – c(3).

  Right now we need to raise at least $5,000 over the next month.

Help disabled veterans!  Donate any amount you like.  Donations of $500 or more  will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation.

We need $5,000 to help provide assistance to Veterans House and the people we provide shelter for as well as money needed for gas to get all donated items to their destinations.  Please help by donating a couple of dollars and sending the link for this page out in an email blast to all your friends and family asking them to do the same.  If everyone does this we should be able to raise $5,000 in one month.

Fund Raisers, Auctions and More

P4AC – Shirt Sale Fundraiser.

Poker4ACause.org (Where Every Hand Counts) Tee.  Help us raise money for Veterans House and show your support and team spirit by purchasing a P4AC Tee-Shirt!

Comes in sizes small, medium, large, 1x, 2x and 3x.  Larger sizes available.

Shirts are Army Green with the Poker4ACause

(Where every Hand Counts) logo on the front.

Pics available soon.

$20 each. Price includes shipping and all applicable charges.